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Mission Statement

Our mission is to educate, inspire, and lead a new generation of diverse conservatives to defend their Constitutional liberties and engage in conversations that contribute to the spread of civil discourse and the pursuit of truth.

Who we are

We are a group of God-fearing Conservatives with the common goal to educate other young minds about the importance of Judeo-Christian values, the necessity of a free market, and the power of our founding documents. Our target audience is middle school, high school, and college students, but everyone is welcome to listen and learn. We were inspired and taught to think by great minds such as Ben Shapiro, Jordan Peterson, and Dennis Prager. They showed us that people, but especially the youth, in this country have been exposed to boundless amounts of illogical, immoral, and secular leftist ideologies through education and the media. They showed us the injustice that is happening all across this great nation and they showed us how to stand up against it. They showed us that we have a voice; that we, the youth, the future of this country have a chance to make a difference at a point in time where the population is about to fork on different paths of political thought, and that we have to be the ones to stand up against the looming tyranny of the left. Our goal is to amplify this message and to use the power that these brilliant minds have given us to spread knowledge, truth, logic, and faith to anyone that will listen. If this lines up with your values and if you feel like you want to contribute to our mission, join us! Submit this application for review by our team and help us fight the good fight. The future of this country depends on it.

What we do

We are an upstart media company currently putting out content in the form of YouTube videos. Our YouTube channel has four playlists and we are looking to soon incorporate podcasts. Our students are very well informed, perfect for speaking engagements. Visit Book a Speaker to have one of us speak at your events.

YouTube Playlists
  • Political Myth Busting: We take common misconceptions and or lies in the media world in reference to current political events and debunk the myths surrounding the issue.
  • The Furnace: We turn up the heat on Politicians and expose them for their wrongdoings or hypocrisy.
  • Unredacted: We take a media story and uncover some of the truths and facts the media isn't covering to give you more comprehensive analysis of political news stories.
  • Just the Facts: Void of political commentary, in this channel we gather all of the facts and statistics of a current events issue and put them all in one simple place for you to interpret yourself and come to your own conclusions.